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    "This is a book every B2B strategist, product manager, investor and company founder needs."

    Rich Mironov

    CEO, and CPO

    Why most B2B products fail

    Most new enterprise software products fail to generate a profit. They fail not because of technical challenges, lack of funding, or market conditions. Instead, new products fail because most companies build products that don't solve a market need, and therefore, customers don't buy them.

    The B2B Innovator's Map is your practical guide to taming uncertainty and discovering opportunities to develop products your customers will be eager to buy.

    Reduce uncertainty and have the confidence you are going in the right direction

    By following this map, you'll always know where you are and what your next step should be through the six stages of the B2B innovation journey to get from idea to your first ten successful customers.

    1. Strategic Alignment

    2. Market Discovery

    3. User Discovery

    4. Solution Planning

    5. Prototyping

    6. Early Adopter

    For each stage, you'll learn actionable tools and techniques to help you understand your market and your customers' needs, with proven methodologies to verify your solution's market potential—for customers and investors alike.

    Whether you're a B2B strategist, product manager, investor, or founder, The B2B Innovator's Map is your accelerated guide for bringing profitable products to market.